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Project Information

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Project Description
The International Broadcast Centre (IBC) is a permanent hub for broadcasters during UNISONG and other major events.
International Broadcast Centre (IBC) will serve as the Host Broadcast organization for UNISONG.
IBC will optimize resources to continually improve the efficiency of the Host Broadcast operation. IBC does so to ensure that all UOC contractual obligations are fulfilled and the Rights Holding Broadcasters (RHBs) are satisfied with the overall television production of UNISONG.

Project Strategy
The major intervention of USS (Unisong Satellite Station), will be instrumental in the satellite broadcasting communication platform of the UNISONG.

Project Challenge

  • Communication. The Problem. …
  • Lack of Clear Project Goals and Alignment With Business Objectives. The Problem. …
  • Lack of Accountability. The Problem. …
  • Unrealistic Deadlines and Planning Fallacies. …

Project Solution
USS platform resources can be used in the following spheres : Aviation, Maritime, Government, Telemedicine, Education, Finance Applications… and many more.

Project Result
A document that provides detail on the overall status of the project or specific aspects of the project’s progress or performance¬†

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