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Project Information

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Project Description
Delhi is famous for its cool lifestyle and ethnicity. Although the lifestyle of Delhites is modern but at same time they maintain the traditions and culture of Delhi like celebrating all festivals and religious customs and practices together..

Project Strategy

We, Delhites tend to have a special appreciation for art and literature; which has made it a “city of furious creative energy”.

Our office premises are located in the IT Hub of Tech city.

Project Challenge

  • Agility Challenge. …
  • Data Security. …
  • Technology Partnerships. …
  • Customer Retention. …
  • Relevant Leads. …
  • Cyber-security. …

Project Solution
website builder tools, web development software, online website development platforms, mobile app builders, as well as ecommerce platforms.

Project Result
We and our partners process your personal data, e.g. your IP-address, using technology such as cookies to store and access information on your device in order to serve personalized ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development.